Our Services

Pearson Holland can provide a wide range of services relating to your Health and Safety needs. This is a selection of some of the services we offer:


We carry out an Audit of your premises and the health and safety arrangements you have in place. Following the inspection we provide you with a report stating in simple terms what we have found and advising you on what needs to be done.

Health and Safety Management Systems Services

These basically incorporate an Audit, production of a Management System and a meeting to present these documents to your company. This is an annual services and throughout the year you have access to professional and practical advice via our telephone helpline.

If required we can also provide as part of this service additional meetings to aid in the implementation of the Management System and other health and safety requirements.

Health and Safety Training

We provide a range of courses including General Safety Awareness, Risk Assessment, Supervisory.

A Range of Other Services

As well as the above services we can also provide other services including Site Inspections, Construction Phase Plans etc.

If you are interested in our online service Complete the Register an Interest Form. You will then be contacted by one of our Advisers to discuss your specific service requirements.

Alternatively Phone 01924 211211 to speak to one of our Advisers.


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