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Protecting Staff from Workplace Diseases

One person dies of a work-related cancer every hour in the UK - from diseases that are largely predictable and preventable!

So, what action can you take to stop these killer diseases blighting the health of your staff? more »
Safeguarding your Building

If you are responsible for property, whether occupied by your own business or by someone else, here are some fundamental things to get right to improve the safeguarding of your building. more »
Keeping your Cool in a Heatwave!

The current heatwave presents major risks to workers.

So it's essential to ensure that adequate provision has been made to protect staff and to check that what is already in place, is working. more »
Protecting against the threats of Fire & Water

Recently the news has been dominated by stories of tragic deaths caused by Fire and Water (i.e. Legionnaire's disease), much of the focus being on - why did these deaths occur when they were actually avoidable? more »
Enjoy your risk-free Fun Day!

So you’re planning a works Family Day and hoping that the sun will shine. But, while you can’t control the weather, you can ensure planned activities are safe - and that people will be able to enjoy a risk-free day! more »
How the Feel-good Factor can make for Better Business

We all know that a happy and healthy workforce means better business. But, as an Employer, how can you encourage and support the wellbeing of your staff? more »
Focus on Fire

Fire can be a major cause of loss to an organisation and could be its biggest risk. And in this unseasonal bout of cold weather, risks from fire can be even more »
Top prosecutions in 2017 - the cost of getting it wrong!

It is now 2 years since the introduction of the new sentencing guidelines and the tougher penalties for health and safety and corporate manslaughter offences. Since its arrival the number and size of fines has gone through the roof! more »
From Revolution to Evolution – a century of changing attitudes to H&S

From the Red Revolution to current day – how have our attitudes to Health and Safety changed? And what impact will the H&S issues of tomorrow’s working world have on your business? more »
Successfully surviving the festive season!

Now’s the time for seasonal festivities to begin in earnest. So here are a few things to consider to ensure your festivities go with a swing – and not a bang!!! more »
Could your drivers be at risk?

With erratic weather conditions and low light levels, this time of year can be particularly hazardous to drivers. So is it time to review your policies and procedures for staff who drive for your business? more »
Safeguarding against the Hazards of Fire!

Our brief guide to the basics of fire safety - to help you understand your responsibilities, set up the right procedures, and ensure your business has adequate and appropriate fire safety measures in more »
Training – getting the best from your people

Suitable and timely training will enable staff to not only be more effective in their job role; they will get greater satisfaction from doing it. So training not only helps build your skills base – it helps staff retention as more »
Training – getting the best from your people

Suitable and timely training will enable staff to not only be more effective in their job role; they will get greater satisfaction from doing it. So training not only helps build your skills base – it helps staff retention as more »
Working safely - going back to basics

When half of workers don’t know basic HS rules or take them seriously - what can you do as their employer to ensure they don’t put themselves in danger? Perhaps it’s a matter of going back to basics? more »
Is Your Business a healthy place to work – or deadly!

Whether you work in a high risk industry or not, your workplace still has the potential of being a killer! But, as an employer, it’s not just a case of identifying the potential hazards to health – it’s also recognising the opportunities to make it a healthier, and more profitable, place to work! more »
Safeguarding your Business in uncertain times

In these uncertain times protecting your business from the “unexpected” is vital if you are to ensure your business will successfully recover from a major incident. So if you think of Business Continuity as just more red tape - you may want to think again! more »
Workplace Safety – is your Business at Risk?

If you feel in the dark about identifying workplace risks and how to tackle them, our newly enhanced Self-Assessment questionnaire can help bring you into the light! more »
Don’t let this be You!

The HSE prosecution of company directors has trebled since the introduction of the New Sentencing more »
Cyber attack - "What chance have I got!"

While world powers and global organisations struggle to fend off cyber-attacks on their international operations, you may well think “What chance have I got to protect my business from such onslaught?” more »
Cyber Attack - what chance have I got?

While world powers and global organisations are struggling to block international attacks on their political agencies, energy producers and infrastructure, you may well think “What chance have I got to protect my business from such onslaught?” more »
Your glitch-free guide to celebrating the festive season!

It’s not long now before the seasonal festivities begin in earnest - so here are a few things to consider to ensure you and your staff have a trouble free more »
If it’s “severe weather ahead” – is your business ready?

While many of us in the UK are enjoying some glorious autumn weather, now is a good time to review your plans to protect your business against any severe weather in the months ahead! more »
Sitting is the new Smoking

With a major focus now on the wellbeing of those in work – what changes can you make in your business to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff? more »
Counting the Cost - Young Workers at Risk

By engaging young people employers play an important part in supporting the development of the next generation of workers. But with that comes responsibility for ensuring those young people, who are more vulnerable than their older colleagues, are protected from more »
Launch of New Standard for Lone Workers

With the anticipated publication in September of the new Standard for Lone Workers* - perhaps now is a good time to take a fresh look at how to best protect staff who work more »
Engaging the next generation of Workers

Now that’s school’s out it’s that time of year when youngsters are thinking about their future…. and employers get numerous requests to take on young workers and more »
How to protect your Business in this Time of Change

Since the EU’s “Six Pack” became the cornerstone of business health and safety, over 23 years ago, there has been a significant change in the way companies’ access the support needed to manage business risk more »
Protecting your Business in this Time of Change

Since the EU’s “Six Pack” became the cornerstone of business health and safety, over 23 years ago, there has been a significant change in the way companies access the support needed to manage business risk more »
Counting the Cost – Transportation Safety

Whatever sector your business operates in, vehicles will invariably be part of it. Whether involving transportation or onsite plant - from a "man in a van" to HGV's; pool cars to construction plant - some issue around vehicle safety will usually be featuring in the press. more »
Keeping healthy this summer

Yes summer’s nearly here – and most people hope it’ll be a hot and sunny one! But with the sun and heat comes major risks to workers. So now’s the time to take steps to ensure their more »
Personal Protective Equipment – latest news!

Inadequate protection for workers can increase the risk of accident, injury or long term health issues - and for the employer possible HS prosecutions of £30k or more! more »
Ensuring the fun doesn’t turn to tragedy

If you’re involved in or planning an outdoor activity – whether as a professional leisure business or just as a treat for staff – now is the time to review the H&S aspects of your more »
Re-thinking Health and Safety

Is 2016 the year for you to rethink H&S - with an increased focus on "health" and a more positive approach to "safety"? more »
Minimising the Effects of Flooding on your Business

The rain keeps coming – and with it the potential to devastate businesses! So what can you do to enable your business to survive the impact of flood? more »
Counting the Cost - Increased fines and jail sentences in 2016

Probably the most significant development in 2016 will be the new sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences and corporate manslaughter which take effect in February. more »
Cutting through the complications of HS Regulation

From the outcome of this autumn’s major conferences, committees and survey results concerning H&S in the Workplace, the message is clear - don’t add more complications to H&S legislation! more »
Keeping your Lone Workers safe

With the darker evenings drawing in and the recent release of the British Security Industry Association’s guide to lone worker services, now may be an especially opportune time to take a fresh look at your provision for staff who work more »
HS Construction News Special

1) Berkley Group funding “Bright Ideas” to improve safety in Construction Industry. 2) Off-site manufacture to revolutionise house-building industry more »
“What’s it got to do with me?” – changing the H&S psychology

How far can we attribute people’s attitude to H&S as the reason accidents occur – or is a “blame culture” still blinding us all (including accident investigators) to the true nature of why some incidents occur? And if it is attitude that we need to address – what’s the best way to go about building a proactive H&S more »
Counting the Cost - Turning a Blind Eye

Ignorance is no excuse for accidents occurring. But how do we deal with those who are aware of the risks yet still “turn a blind eye” - when it is clear what the potential consequences of their inaction could be? more »
“Is your workplace a killer?”

We often refer to “working for a living” yet, for some workers, their workplace could be “the death of them”! ........ And it’s not just accidents that occur while they’re working that is the issue – more often it can be the workplace itself or the actual act of working that is of greatest danger to more »
Vacation – or just another work location?

Whether it’s in relation to our own holidays or trying to compensate for colleagues who are away on vacation – summertime can be a particularly stressful time for the average British worker! more »
Counting the Cost - Poor Practices

Whether it's "making do" with the wrong bit of kit, pushing material / equipment beyond its designed capacity / limits or leaving untrained or unsupervised people to "get on with it" Poor Practices can take many guises - and can be the cause of, often serious and sometimes fatal, more »
Keeping Staff Safe from the Foreign Peril!

Whether it’s using inferior foreign imports of PPE or encountering poor H&S standards at holiday destinations abroad – it’s important you ensure your staff are clued up to the potential more »
Driving Licence Verification – all change from the 8th June 2015!

From the 8th June the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will have no legal status - Employers will need to use a new system to check the validity of their staff to drive vehicles on behalf of the more »
The Biggest Killers in the Workplace!

On this “Workers Memorial Day” we look at the UK’s 5 most dangerous jobs plus one of the biggest killers in the workplace – and how it could be affecting your more »
If you’re thinking of replacing that old kitchen - you need to think CDM! & Be careful what you eat! New ruling to help the UK’s 2m allergen sufferers

• From 6th April the old Construction Design and Management Regulations are being replaced to make it easier for everyone involved to understand what is needed to do the job safely • New Food Standards Agency ruling means businesses such as catering outlets, deli counters, bakeries and sandwich bars have to provide allergy information on food more »
Launching "Counting the Cost" News

In addition to our regular news articles, to alert you to changes in legislation and current “hot topics”, we are delighted to launch our new “Counting the Cost” news, to be published in the weeks between your regular updates. Each week will focus on a common topic and will include several case studies from varying backgrounds, on which recent judgements have been made. We’ll give a brief synopsis of each case – what occurred, who was involved and what were the more »
Police crackdown on drivers under the influence of drugs

From today (2nd March 2015) Rule 96 of the Highway Code, regarding driving under the influence of drugs or medicine, has undergone a major change - with an emphasis on the concentrations of certain drugs in the blood stream of more »
Launch of new “Ask the Expert” - for your ease of use and extra security!

We’re changing, with immediate effect, our Ask the Expert system – making it easier to use and more secure for more »
Start 2015 with a fresh view on your Business

How Safe is Your Business? Don't leave it to chance - complete a Self-Assessment NOW! New CDM Regulations – to come into force 6th April 2015 more »
Safety Tips for Christmas

It’s not long now before the seasonal festivities begin in earnest so here are a few things to consider to ensure you and your staff have a trouble free more »
Preparing for the Winter Weather

As winter approaches and the dark evenings draw in ever earlier, it’s once more time to think about preparing for the harsher weather conditions typical of the season – and the additional hazards that they bring! more »
IIGL News for Employers

If you’re a Construction Employer have you heard the news about…… • UCATT looks to halt new Worker Screening Scheme • November brings changes to Acetylene Safety Regulations • Scaffold boss caught in balancing act 9 metres up! more »
Tackling the biggest killers of our Workforce

This Monday IOSH launched a major campaign “No Time to Lose” to get the causes of occupational cancer better understood and help businesses take action in tackling the biggest killers of our workforce by far more »
HSE Inspections – How confident are you of the outcome, should the HSE pay you a call?

With a particular focus on the health of workers the HSE are currently carrying out a “purge” of construction sites of smaller contractors, seeking out where “poor practice and risky behaviour” is putting workers’ health at risk. If the attention was turned, instead, to your sector and you had an unannounced visit by an Enforcement Officer, be it from the Local Authority or the Health & Safety Executive - would your business come up to scratch? more »
HSE Site Inspections - Would you come up to scratch?

As part of a national initiative to reduce ill health, death and injury in the Construction industry, the HSE are specifically targeting sites where work involves refurbishment and repairs with unannounced visits – particularly those run by smaller contractors! more »
Is Your Business a Safe Place to Work?

In the 40 years since the Health and Safety at Work Act was introduced deaths at work have dramatically dropped by 85% and injuries by 77% - making Britain one of the safest places in the World to work. Yet, according to the latest figures for Britain, 133 people died and over 78K were injured at work last year! So the question remains – is your business a safe place to work? more »
How to Enjoy a Safe & Productive Summer

With the arrival of summer for most of us come thoughts of sun, holidays and fun! But for employers, it can also raise specific concerns about the health and well-being of staff. Whether your business is office based or operated mainly outside, you will need to address certain issues affecting staff especially during the summer months, and decide what action needs to be taken, to ensure your staff remain safe and well – and fully productive. more »
How to become the Firm everyone wants to work for!

We all know that a positive approach to staff health and wellbeing - with healthier working conditions and reduced risk of accident and injury - results in reduced sickness , increased productivity and a reduction in insurance costs. It also helps build an organisation’s reputation as an excellent employer! Yet many large corporations, who pride themselves on their health and safety record, rarely shout out about it – and miss out on what their smaller counterparts often do very well. more »
Cultural Change >> Positive Attitude to H&S >> More Profitable Business!

What does Health & Safety mean to you? An imposition on your time; a distraction that gets in the way of your core business; the domain of “Job worth’s” who insist youngsters wear goggles in order to play conkers? Or could a more positive attitude to health and safety mean a happier and healthier working environment - and with less downtime - a more productive one too! more »
Unsafe used scaffolding scare as imports flood market

There is growing concern among leading manufacturers in the industry, about the alarming rise in the use of dangerously corroded second-hand more »
6th April deadline - Replacement of the old Health & Safety Law Poster (1999)

Legal requirement to display the latest version of the Health and Safety Law poster (2009) at all business premises or issue staff with an up to date pocket or leaflet version. It's for you to decide which is the most appropriate for your business. more »
Reminder to Replace the Old Health & Safety Law Poster

You 'DO' have a Health and Safety Law poster on your business premises? The Health and safety law poster must be displayed on all business premises. There are various versions of the poster including a pocket and leaflet version, so that you can select the most appropriate for your business. more »
2014/15 Is Health and Safety in your Budget?

We know at this time of year you are likely to be busy with end of year and start of year budgeting. But are you making plans to allocate enough time and money to your health and safety obligations? Investing in your staff by training and providing appropriate H&S measures is good business and should go hand in hand with all your budgeting and management plans. The Legal Requirements: All employers have a general duty to provide information, instruction and training to all their employees (see Section 2(2)(c) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974) more »
British Safety Council Campaign for Young Workers

Employers urged to take extra care of young people starting summer jobs. The British Safety Council (BSC) say that Workers are far more likely to be injured in workplace accidents during the first few months of a new job than at any other time . As the summer holiday season approaches, employers are urged to pay extra attention to the health and safety of young people hired for temporary or summer work. Also those young people starting work for the first time from leaving school this more »
Driving in Flood Areas

Many of our members are on routinely on the road as part of their job, so we would like you to share this with your mobile staff and ask them to consider the following when driving in areas that may have water-logged more »
Updated Workplace Regulations Approved Code of Practice (ACOP).

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) at the back end of last year have published a new set of guidelines aimed at advising employers on how to prevent accidents in the workplace and improve general health and safety more »
Count Down to Replacing your 'Old' Health and Safety Law Poster

You 'DO' have a Health and Safety Law poster on your business premises? The Health and safety law poster must be displayed on all business premises. There are various versions of the poster including a pocket and leaflet version, so that you can select the most appropriate for your more »
Welcome to 2014!

This week will probably be the first week back to full staff and full production for most of us. The most important thing is that we all continue to work efficiently and safely. more »
With Best Wishes for a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

From our team to yours for 2014 more »
Christmas 'Elf and Safety Myths

Christmas is a special time of year. Even so, it doesn't stop health and safety being - wrongly - cited as a reason for preventing pretty harmless activities from going ahead. Not only does this needlessly ruin the festive spirit but it also trivialises the true purpose of health and safety: protecting people from real risks at, or connected with, work. In the run up to Christmas we have re published some of the workplace festive myths, gifted to HSE from media reports and correspondence more »
Worker Seriously Injured in Warehouse Roof Fall

Two men have been fined after a worker suffered serious injuries when he fell through a fragile warehouse roof. The 27 year old worker suffered four broken bones in the bottom of his back, a broken hip and pelvis, a shattered femur, four fractures to his left arm, a fractured right wrist and ligament damage. He was in hospital for three weeks and has had to undergo numerous more »
Roofer Fined for Scalding Grandmother and Grandson with Bitumen

A grandmother and her 21-month-old grandson were splashed and scalded by hot bitumen when a roofer’s ladder slipped because it wasn't properly secured, a court has heard. They both sustained serious burns in the incident at the grandmother’s home in June this more »
Winter is Coming - How Cold Can You Be?

What is the minimum working temperature The law does not state a minimum temperature, but the temperature in workrooms should normally be at least: 16°C, or 13°C if much of the work is more »
Fire Brigade Industrial Action - Friday 1st November and Monday 4th November

Firefighters across England and Wales are set to strike again Friday evening and Monday morning over the Government's proposals on more »
Fire Brigade Industrial Action - Saturday 19th October 2013

Firefighters in England and Wales set Saturday 19th October as date for second pensions strike - Announced October 11th, 2013 by Fire Brigade more »
Fire Brigade Industrial Action Wednesday 25th September 2013

The Fire Brigades Union has confirmed their intention to carry out industrial action between 1200hrs and 1600hrs on Wednesday 25th September more »
Minor Roof Maintenance Work: Protecting Against Falls - HSE’s ‘Height Aware’ Campaign

If you need to do minor maintenance work on a roof, this information sheet published by the Health and Safety Executive will help you plan a safe method of more »
Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 to be amended

From 1 October 2013, the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 will be amended, to remove the requirement for HSE to approve first aid training and more »
HSE Target “National clampdown” on Poor Construction Site Safety

The HSE launches a new month long initiative in bid to combat poor standards and unsafe work on UK building sites. more »
HSE Make Unannounced Site Checks Across the Country This Week

From Monday 2 September, HSE Inspectors are carrying out unannounced checks at sites where refurbishment projects of repair works are underway. Poor standards and unsafe work on Britain's building sites will be targeted as part of a nationwide drive aimed at reducing death, injury and ill health in the industry. more »
ABI Publishes Guide for SMEs on Employer's Liability Insurance

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has published a guide on employers’ liability (EL) insurance. The aim of the guide is to provide clarity to businesses on what they do and don’t need to do when obtaining EL cover. more »
British Safety Council Campaign for Young Workers

Employers urged to take extra care of young people starting summer jobs. The British Safety Council (BSC) say that Workers are far more likely to be injured in workplace accidents during the first few months of a new job than at any other time . As the summer holiday season approaches, employers are urged to pay extra attention to the health and safety of young people hired for temporary or summer work. Also those young people starting work for the first time from leaving school this more »
Lightning - Ensure the Safety of Scaffolders and Roof Workers

With lightning and thunder predicted across some regions in the coming days, we wanted to issue a reminder for ensuring the safety of scaffolders and roof more »
Inflatable blower fans - Health and Safety Executive - Safety Alert

We are sharing a recent Safety Alert from HSE regarding an electrical hazard issue with a fan commonly used to inflate bounce castles and inflatables. Your premises may own or hire such an inflatable and need to be aware of the issue and action to take. Please pass this information to a colleague who may have this Product/Equipment or operate this type of system/process. more »
Heat Health Watch From the MET Office

Current watch level: Level 2 - Alert and Readiness in one or more regions of NW England and Wales, Level 3 Heatwave Action in East and SE England, on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd Issued at: Monday 22 July 2013 more »
Construction Workers Are Being Urged Not To Take Their Children Onto Building Sites During The School Holidays

A boy was spotted on the scaffolding during a month-long national initiative earlier this year in which one in five construction sites were served with enforcement notices after failing health and safety more »
RIDDOR Update - Changes for October 2013*

From 1 October 2013 changes will be introduced to the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) that will simplify the mandatory reporting of workplace injuries for businesses, while ensuring that the data collected gives an accurate and useful picture of workplace incidents. To allow businesses time to familiarise themselves with the changes, the following information has been developed to support dutyholders with the requirements as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) more »
Worker Injured in Fall Through Sports Hall Roof

A roofing firm has been fined after an employee was severely injured when he fell ten metres through the roof of a school sports hall. The roofer was working on a project to replace the raised roof on the sports hall with a flat roof when the incident happened in 2011. His employer, was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an investigation found the site fell below the minimum legal standards for safety. The Magistrates' Court heard workers had removed old steel beams under part of the roof so that new beams could be installed. However, this meant the corrugated tin panels on part of the structure were left more »
School Fined After Climbing Wall Injury

A high school has been fined for safety failings after a 14-year-old boy fell more than four metres from a school climbing wall. The teenager was one of four pupils selected to try their first-ever 'lead climb', a more advanced, mainly rock-climbing technique, during a PE lesson in October more »
Keep Your Cool This Summer

With summer officially here and temperatures edging higher, we have reproduced our content on temperature control in the workplace and we have put together a simple list of ways to keep your cool during this recent hot spell. There are no legal requirements for temperature in most areas of work only the requirement to ensure reasonable temperatures are maintained. Consider how you will maintain a reasonable temperature, consider the type of work and the location i.e. working outside, cold storage or glass house, allow time to warm up or cool down, this could be achieved by a change work activity/location from time to time. more »
Health-Club Operator Failed to Control Risks of Swimming-Pool Chemicals

Several people at a gym in Edinburgh had to be taken to hospital after swimming-pool chemicals were wrongly mixed and produced toxic chlorine gas. The incident occurred at fitness club when Polyaluminium chloride was wrongly mixed with sodium hypochlorite, a swimming-pool disinfectant, with the result that chlorine gas was more »
It aint what you say, it's the way that you say it , that's what gets results

A school is using health and safety as the explanation for their policy on personal effects – including hair clips and more »
School Trips

A large number of school visits take place successfully each year. However, misunderstandings about health and safety law can sometimes discourage schools and teachers from organising these activities. HSE has published a policy statement to encourage all schools (in both maintained and independent sectors) and local authorities to remove wasteful bureaucracy imposed on those involved in organising school visits and outdoor learning more »
TV Dragon Urges Importance of First Aid in the Workplace

Entrepreneur and star of TV's Dragons' Den, Duncan Bannatyne, has recently backed a campaign to urge more businesses to train more employees in first aid after suffering his own health scare at work last year. The health club owner started to experience severe chest pains before being found by his secretary, who was able to use her first aid skills until an ambulance arrived. The episode - occurring last September - led to the Dragon spearheading a campaign for the first aid training charity, St John Ambulance, which also saw him undertake a course more »
Sub-Contractor Fined For Safety Failings At Dockyard

A submarine maintenance company has been fined after a labourer crushed his hand while working on a submarine refit project at a Dockyard in Plymouth. The 19 year-old worker had to have plates inserted to repair broken bones after his right hand was drawn into the rotating bar of a drum rolling in more »
Boat-Repair Firm Failed to Identify Confined-Space Risks

Two workers were exposed to the risk of an explosion while carrying out unsafe welding on a fishing boat’s diesel tank. The men, one of whom was only 17, were working for boat-repair Company when they were asked to carry out cleaning and welding work to repair a fuel leak on a vessel. The fuel tank was one deck down and accessed from a small manhole below the vessel’s net store. The workers were required to use buckets to empty the tank of more than 600 litres of residual seawater and diesel, and had been provided with rags to clean the inside in preparation for the welding. more »
Fishing-Boat Failings Were a "Blatant Disregard for Safety"

A catalogue of maritime safety breaches has cost a fishing-vessel company and its two directors a total of £147,465 in fines and costs.?? In what the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) describes as one of the worst cases of safety failings it has dealt with in recent years, A Scottish Company and its directors, were prosecuted in relation to defects found on several vessels, which could have led to serious injury, or loss of life. more »
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